The Datejust (revisited)

In the world of normal people (you know, the one’s who don’t pay ridiculous premiums for dive watches that can go to depths of 12000ft, when the deepest water they’ll ever see is the shallow end of a swimming pool)… in the world of such people, the Datejust is Rolex’s biggest selling watch by a country mile. I’ve been lucky enough have owned quite a few very nice vintage references – in fact, I thought I always would but after the last one went I found that I had absolutely no desire to replace it. In fact, it served to vindicate my decision to let it go. Funny that, I’ve never really been able to work out why I went off it, but I just did.

Anyway, I recently decided to give the new, larger (41mm) DJII a try and I was really blown away by the feeling of quality, the wrist presence and by the particular dial I had on mine (silver with baton markers). I was thrilled with it, but at the same time I thought it might be a little big for my wrist; however, once more the stars lined up for me and I managed to snag an as-new 116200 (that is, the new 36mm DJ) with virtually the same dial configuration; at the same time, I moved the DJII on to a friend, who I know will love it.

So, all is well with the world, in that I have a DJ again; and it’s both very classic and very contemporary at the same time. Good, that 🙂

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