Guest Post – Eddie Ardanza’s 1675

I’ve been chatting for awhile now with Eddie (who I know from Watchlords, one of the watch forums I pop into now and then) about a rather lovely GMT from the late 1960’s. When he offered to write a post about it I was delighted to oblige 🙂

This particular 1675 “landed” on my wrist when I inherited it from my late Father-In-Law; it’s a late ’60s GMT Master 1675, housing the great 1575 movement. Whist in all-original condition it was in a poor state aesthetically and also had an issue with the setting lever. The watch was actually kept unused in a safe for a number of years and, of course, was lacking any kind of attention (or, indeed, a service).

I had the watch packed and ready to send to Rolex Service (in Dallas, Texas) when I had an epiphany of sorts and dropped Tony a note [*good move*], in doing so saving the watch from potentially being butchered by the wise guys at the Rolex Service Center.

Admittedly, my vintage Rolex restoration knowledge is full of voids …enter Tony, who basically guided me through the process on what was desirable to leave as-is and what needed help, and he recommended ABC Watchwerks in Los Angeles, California… the results are all credited to his advice and expertise [*happy to help, mate*]. Summarising, the movement was service/overhauled including renewal of the mainspring & gaskets, replacement of the faulty setting lever, pressure testing to original specs and – finally – regulation to COSC specs. Aesthetically, a new plexiglass crystal was installed and both the case and bracelet were sympathetically refinished, in a “light vintage fashion”.

And here’s the result, now on my wrist and enjoying a new lease of life more than 40 years after it left the Rolex factory!

I think that’s a great story, and anyone who takes the time and trouble to bring an old classic back into daily service deserves to be applauded. Nice one, Eddie!

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