A couple of hours in Brighton

I had to pop down to Brighton for a meeting yesterday, and had a couple of hours to kill afterwards. It was sunny, and I had my little RX100 plus my iPhone, so…

Oh, and if you’re wondering were the watches have gone, normal service will be resumed shortly 🙂

An hour in Clacton

I had to drive down to Colchester yesterday, as I had a couple of lights to drop off for repair with Bowens and they’d promised to look at them straight away to save me driving down there again (thanks guys – great service). I was expecting to have a few hours to kill so nipped across to Clacton on Sea; in the event I had a bite of lunch and received a call whilst I was finishing my dessert to say that they were ready.

I find seaside towns quite fascinating in the winter and would have liked to have spent a bit more time down there. As it was I had about an hour in total, and then decided to head back in order to beat the motorway traffic. Still, a good day as my lights are now working properly (new switches on each) and I got a handful of photographs.

Some shots from New York

I visited New York back at the end of January/beginning of February, and spent some quality time with my beautiful daughter (who teaches English to under-privileged children in the city, which makes me very proud). It occurred to me that I’ve not posted the photos from that trip here, so I’ll put matters right here and now with the selection below. Hope you like them 🙂

New York City

Central Park

Freedom Tower/World Trade Centre Memorial

Long Island

A bygone era

I was just looking at the photos from a recent trip to New York, and I really do love this one as it kind of typifies the city for me. I was walking through downtown Manhattan to see the Freedom Tower, and stopped on West Broadway when I noticed this old neon sign for a liquor store; it was like a throwback to decades gone by and the watercolour finish I just gave it in Photoshop seems to work nicely, and enhance that “bygone era” feel.

It’s so easy to spend your time in NYC looking up, but some of the best shots are closer to the ground.

New Year in Paris

Some shots from a lovely trip in Paris – we went early on New Year’s Eve and came back on Sunday night.

I do love this city, and next time we go back a French guy I was chatting to is going to take us down to the unofficial catacombs!

Anyway, many of these were taken on my iPhone as we were so layered up with clothing, scarves and gloves that carrying a camera about was somewhat irritating.

Blancpain factory visit

I’d like to say a massive thank you to Blancpain (a wonderful manufacture, who were the most generous of hosts in providing an expenses-paid two day trip to their factory in Switzerland) and Watches of Switzerland in Cardiff (who, through Martin Bond, made it possible). Thank you, also, to Andy Good – Blancpain’s brand director in the UK – for being great company.

The view from the hotel

All 744 movement pieces from the Blancpain 1735

Watchmakers working on the high-end pieces (Tourbillons, Carrousels and Minute Repeaters)

Some tuition on complications

And lunch at the local greasy spoon before heading back

All in all, a wonderful and memorable trip!


A history stretching back more than a thousand years, mentioned in the Domesday Book, and famous for the psychiatric hospital that used to occupy much of the Porters Park housing development (so famous, in fact, that “Shenley” became a generic term). Otherwise known as home!

Anyway, I wanted to try out the Olympus so it was just a quick walk in the bitter cold this morning to take some test shots.