Full lume

I’ve fancied trying as full-lume Damasko for a while now, and was quite impressed with one I saw in the metal when I had a coffee with Jonathan from Page & Cooper the other day. Anyway, circumstances were such that I got an opportunity to nab a DC57 that landed a couple of days ago, so I thought I’d take a few photos whilst I was in the mood.

The quality is certainly outstanding, and the finish of the ice-hardened steel case is superb; I love the way the crystal all but disappears, too. Whether or not it stays beyond the short term remains to be seen, as my first reaction is that it lacks a little… warmth. That said, maybe I’ll give it some time as I’m fed up with selling watches and then wishing I hadn’t done so.

Anyway, the photos…

Oh, I nearly forgot…

I also picked up a watch I’ve had my eye on for some time – a Damasko DC66. This is a proper tool watch, 42mm without the crown and housing a workhorse Valjoux 7750 movement. The technical spec (as is the case with Damasko watches generally) is very impressive:

-Stainless steel, nickel-free, bead-blasted
-Ice-hardened to 60 HRC or 710 Vickers
-Integrated anti-magnetic inner cage, anti-magnetic to 80,000 A/m or 100 mT
-Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on both sides
-Crystal gasket resistant to UV radiation
-Solid screw back with O-ring Viton™ gasket
-All gaskets made from Viton™ which offers a premium chemical resistance and which is superior to most other materials used in the watch industry
-New patented crown and pusher system, crown stem and pusher shafts are machined with minimal tolerances and leave almost no gap between pusher/crown and case, but nevertheless do not scratch. Crown and pushers are also equipped with a permanent lubrication that eliminates friction
-Crown, pushers, and tubes hardened to 60 HRC
-Bi-directional rotating bezel with exact minute engagement working with patented ceramic bearing
-Protected from the intrusion of dust by gasket element
-Hardened and scratchproof bezel insert finished with extremely abrasion-proof Damest layer with a hardness of 2500 HV
-Water resistant to 10 bars/100 metres according to DIN 8310
-Crystal has a secure fit even in case of a sudden negative pressure

That’s all quite something, and on the wrist it’s both exceptionally comfortable and very legible – despite that fact that there’s a fair bit happening on the dial. Anyway, here’s a couple of very quick shots, the second of which gives a taste of an AR coating that looks very blue in certain light.

I know, I’m a serial flipper!

There’s no point denying it – two of my recent watches have lasted less than 48 hours, and the SBIII is the latest victim. However, I was able to trade it (plus a little cash) for something I’ve wanted a lot of late, and now I have it on my wrist I know that it was the right decision.

You can read about Damasko here, but suffice it to say that their watches are fantastic quality, chock full of innovation, and tremendous value. I’ve had my eye on the DA36 and I certainly wasn’t disappointed when it came out of the box. Lovely clear dial, bullet-proof case, and the very slight quirkiness all go to make this a keeper! (Yes, I know… I always say that.)