End of year SOTC

Well, it’s that time again… coming up to Christmas, the festive spirit is mostly in the fridge right now and a quick look back over the year is appropriate.

I posted a an SOTC this time last year, at which time I had 13 watches with an emphasis on vintage Rolex (and there were some beauties!). This year I tried to get the numbers down a bit, and I succeeded for a while… I seem to have gone back up to 12 again, though, which is yet further evidence of my non-existent will-power. Anyway, as I did last year I still have vintage Rolex and Autavia GMTs; a nice old 5513; a fugly Tuna; a dressy and complicated JLC and GO; and a variety of other things to give me plenty of options. Too many options really, but I may as well just enjoy them all while I can and stop worrying about it.

I’ll take the opportunity to wish everyone well over the holidays too. It’ll be a quiet one for me as my other half is away with her family, but at least I can watch all the horror movies I want to watch for a couple of weeks 🙂

Is it a bird?

There’s been a fair bit of talk on TZ-UK recently regarding the Seagull 1963 reissue. The original watch was made for the Chinese Air Force in (you’ve guessed it) 1963, and the latest version is true to it’s predecessor save that the movement has a couple of extra jewels.

Discussion has abounded regarding crystals and case-backs, and in the midst of it all I managed to satisfy a yearning that’s been building for some time now. I purchased mine over at Watchunique, and ordered it with the domed acrylic crystal and solid case-back. The cost was all of £181, and I’m more than happy with my choices as I think they look “right” and are as authentic as possible. FedEx delivered the package from the Netherlands within three days or ordering too, which is lucky because I happened to be working from home today when I got the knock.

As for the watch itself… well, it’s never going to compete with the big-hitters costing a whole lot more (it’s a cheaply-printed dial, and there are some very minor QC issues) but for the money you can’t deny that it’s some achievement. A hand-wound, 21 jewel column-wheel chronograph, lovely play on colours (gold, red and blue) and applied indices that really catch the light. This one is 38mm and it comes with an 18mm olive NATO that suits it perfectly. I’ve ordered a couple of striped alternatives (red/sand and sand/red) as well as a solid brown, and I’m sure it’ll be fun switching them around. All in all, you can’t argue with the value, and it’s certainly one of the prettiest watches I’ve seen. I love it