Beater in da house!

My search for the perfect beater has been something of a perennial quest. After letting a Tuna go last year and missing it terribly I’d been hunting for another nice one for a couple of months, but they seem to be like hen’s teeth at the moment. I was actually on the verge of buying one from Seiya when someone listed his Marathon SAR for sale – a watch I’d been thinking seriously about since admiring some recent photos of it that I’d seen posted on TZ.

Some of the SAR range are a bit hefty for my liking, but the basic model is 41mm and has a relatively sterile dial. Like the Tuna they’re not easy to find, particularly as this particular one was discontinued quite a few years ago. It’s a solid, heavy piece of kit, but it’s also very comfortable on the wrist. Great bracelet too, and lume to read a book by.