Busy times!

Well, the holiday period has seen a fair amount of activity here at Half Past The Hour. Sometimes a collection needs shaking up a bit, and whilst a few have left the building a couple of nice additions have also arrived, with another due tomorrow.

The first to land was a lovely Breitling Airwolf. I think Breitling make the best ana/digi watches by a mile, and this is a Super-Quartz with fantastic wrist presence that I suspect will be a long-term keeper. When you get just what you need, there’s very little point in looking any further!

The next one to arrive was another variation of the ubiquitous Rolex Submariner. This is a tritium dialled 14060 from 1991 and i really like the slightly creamy patina coupled with the white gold indices. A great all-purpose watch.

Happy days, and more to come 🙂

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