Mixing it up a bit!

A few weeks ago, I began wondering if I was being too dogmatic in my decision only to wear vintage watches – there are lots of modern pieces that I like a lot, and it seemed daft to place obstacles in my path if I wanted to try/own them. Anyway, having come to the conclusion that it was sensible to mix it up a bit I imported a nice new MM300, and then decided to fill the modern Rolex void that I’d created.

Initially I was going to go for a 16610LV but I was also conscious of the fact that I’d previously allowed a Sea Dweller to be prised from my grasp after a few hours (big mistake), so switched my attention to a 16600 instead. As luck would have it, a virtually NOS example from 2001 was available, with absolutely everything to make it a complete set, from punched papers to plastic seal. It really is like an unworn watch, and has the benefit of being just about the last of the lug-holed models whilst also being one of the very early Super Luminova dials.

Anyone who’s owned a SD will know what wrist presence they have. I can’t see any reason ever to move this on, either, as it’s the kind of watch that should always be at the core of any diver collection.

Happy Christmas to me 🙂

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