“You’ll never go in the water again…”

I’ve watched Jaws too many times for comfort and always enjoy it! Well, not so much now, but then it was made in 1975! Cue more vintage loveliness, then…

The Sea Dweller needs no introduction, but this one is a 1665 “Great White” dating back to 1982. The model was actually released in the mid-70’s, still with the tried and tested 1575 engine of its predecessors but with all-white dial lettering.

Sporting a magnificent NOS Tropic 39SuperDome crystal to set off a perfect dial, hands and case this example really is something rather lovely. It certainly has phenomenal wrist presence – I’m not sure if it’s the domed crystal that does it, but the moment you put it on you know that you’ve got a watch on your wrist.

I love it, and I can barely believe that I’ve picked up both this and a gilt GMT in the space of a week.

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