So, the 1665 and 1675… two absolute beauties, but are they comparable?

I was blown away when I put the 1665 on my wrist. It’s hefty but comfortable, and the dome gives it a really wonderful appearance, complimenting the perfect dial and hands. Compared to the many Subs I’ve owned, it’s in a different league altogether.


I’ve had a lot of watches, and some very nice one’s, it has to be said. None of them – and I think that includes the 1665, if I’m honest – get close to the gilt GMT. It’s by far the most beautiful watch I’ve ever had on my wrist, and if I take just one watch to my grave, I hope that this will be the one.

I should regard them, I guess, as investments but – if that’s indeed what they are – they’re investments that will be worn, and worn a lot.

Here they are together.

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