When a beer and a curry…

Lead to something altogether different!

Anyone who I’ve spoken to about my former collection of old Heuers will know that the one I missed the most was the Montreal. I wrote a long incoming post about them when I bought my first and was always surprised at how one of the least vaunted of all the old Heuers had captivated me as it did. Things are changing now, in fact, and the Montreal is considered to be one of the better investment pieces, as well as being an absolute delight to wear.

Anyway, last night I had a very enjoyable evening with a friend and his lovely (expectant) wife. During the course of the evening – and I don’t mean the curry – I was happy to relieve him of his rather lovely 110.53 NC to take the place of my former love. This one has patina to die for, and has been fully services by Abel Court (who at the same time relumed the hands to match the original tobacco hour plots on the dial). It really is bloody fantastic, and what with “the other Heuer” also arriving this week it’s been one to remember. It’s nice to be firmly back in the Heuer camp again, too!

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