G-Shock heaven

I seem to have amassed a mini-collection of G’s, albeit unintentionally. The two I had were joined yesterday by the stealth 5610 that was (and still is) being offered at half the list price over at The Watch Shop; it’s rather nice actually, and having never worn a G on the composite bracelet I have to admit that it’s very comfortable.

The 5610 joins the “King of G’s” GW-5000, with it’s steel case and screw back; and the 15 year old G-2000, which is the only model who’s number signifies the sole year of production. (Unfortunately I inadvertently changed the date on that one before I took the shot below, and as it’s not atomic it’s also a few seconds out time-wise).

A nice trio, actually, not that i actually need three G-Shocks 🙂

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