I’ve heard lots of people say, over the years, that the Daytona is a “bracelet watch”. Now, it’s one thing to have an opinion (and we all know what they say about opinions) but it’s another to make a contention that’s simply incorrect, and offer it as dogma. As most people will know, the Daytona has been offered by Rolex with a strap option for many years and whilst I don’t know if those gorgeous vintage models were similarly supplied from the factory they certainly look good on leather.

Anyway, one of my biggest flipping regrets relates to my absolutely mint and full set 16519; this was the white gold variant that was produced immediately before the current range, and I sold it for a good £2000 less than it was worth having picked it up for a similarly good price. Oh, and it was, of course, on leather…

Some months later, I managed to get hold of a 116520 – the stainless steel model from the current range – with a white dial and stainless steel bracelet. I always fancied putting a strap on it but that’s not an entirely straightforward matter; Rolex add a fixed end link for their gold watches that are produced to wear on a strap, and the gap one’s left with in simply swapping out the bracelet can be a bit unsightly. However, that’s no longer an insurmountable issue as there are now a couple of independent manufactures of OEM-spec end links that complete the look of the watch for anyone who wants to go down that route. A friend posted on TURF recently about a set he bought from George in Singapore and it was enough to prompt me to drop George a line and then place an order myself.

The end links arrived yesterday, and I have to say that they’re beautifully finished. I had already bought a shiny alligator Rios strap in preparation for the delivery, and last night I mounted the end links and strap and was absolutely delighted with the results. Now, there will no doubt be some that don’t like the combination, but please don’t tell me that the Daytona wasn’t intended to be worn on leather. It was, it is, and I am!

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