Can I do it?

I was chatting to a watch-collecting friend over a pint or two on Sunday evening, and was trying to articulate how recent life-changing events have made me look differently at this hobby, and the excesses it encourages. Right now, I feel (for want of a better word) guilty for the time and money I spend on what are, essentially, trinkets and I was suggesting that I may just keep four or five and then push the whole WIS thing to the background. Focus on more meaningful things.

Anyway, I initially suggested that I’d just keep a few new pieces and do away with anything vintage as it would theoretically be a lot less hassle (well, no hassle at all). However, Howard made the logical argument that the vintage pieces – especially those I’m lucky enough to own – are the ones that would be the hardest to replace with similar quality examples. I’ve thought about that, and have decided that he’s right; in fact, I now know the five watches that are my keepers and, consequently, I understand the task ahead. Here they are, and wish me luck… I’ve given myself until the end of the year to get down to these and then kiss the whole “flipping” merry-go-round goodbye.

Oh, and if anyone actually reads this nonsense feel free to share your view via the comments function!

16 thoughts on “Can I do it?

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  2. Nice choice of 5, though surprised the Hulk isn’t among the 5, after your journey to get back to it…
    Let me know if you decide to sell the 337 instead of the 268 I think I prefer the cleaner look of it and the slightly smaller size.

    • Actually, Andy, my thinking has changed since this post, in that the Hulk is staying as is the JLC. The Speedy has already gone, however, and both Panerais will be making way for an Aquanaut. I’ve actually only just bought the 337 (brand new from an AD) but ping me an email if you’re really interested.

  3. I completely agree.. It seems to be have been my guilt that has kept my spending in check.. Wearing a watch which costs as much as my car seems obscene.. (Though it does not stop me dreaming!)
    It’s something I should look closely at doing (again) .. I held out for about a year… Now when you come to sell the GO šŸ™‚

    All the best..

  4. Best of luck to you getting down to five watches. I also feel guilty at the time spent looking at watches and also the money. With a young family – Logan at 2 yr and Baby Saskia at 10 months ish I toss up the idea of stepping back from watches and trimming down the selection.

    The reality of it for me is I get a lot of enjoyment from the hobby and I need something that is my little world away from work, the perpetually messy home (which drives me nuts!) and children. Most time spent looking online is either at work or when they are asleep so it does not detract from time with them which his most important. Things like Golf, tennis and fishing- would take away from family time.

    I feel that as a hobby it is a good one in it doesn’t affect family life much which comes first.

    Financially I’ve spent more on my car in the last month than watches have cost me in total in services and money lost on sales so it doesn’t cause any guilt issues there.

    Ultimately they could all go if I chose to as with yourself but why do it unless necessary with the joy it has given you?

    I am much more in the vintage camp so at least if you are shipping some out you are keeping the best stuff šŸ™‚

    • To be honest, Carl, I think this is being driven by the personal stuff I’ve been through this year. I don’t have a need to sell, I just… want to. I may even go further and go down to three (one of which isn’t in my present collection).

  5. I have no doubt that you can do it. But why would you? You get enormous pleasure from watches. The very fact that you feel you can liquidate a large part of your collection establishes the financial safety of the endevour. I have had similar thoughts and instead of liquidating my collection . I have decided instead to banish the idea that it is anything but a financially safe endevour which gives me a very pleasurable distraction from the more difficult aspects of life. Thankfully it is watches and not cars, boats or planes, or worse…

    • Hmmm… I suppose my response is yes, and no. Yes in as much as you’re right, of course, Tim; and no in that it doesn’t satisfy my particular mind-set and current concerns. That said, mind-sets are prone to change.

  6. I think when a passion becomes an obsession, it can create problems. Sometimes.
    Some Times.

    I understand people wanting to collect things they are passionate about, but I’ve never been a collector of ‘things’, perhaps because ‘things’ don’t make me passionate. I collect other things, like memories, and fragments of a broken heart. Then I try and piece everything together like a puzzle. Strangely, I find puzzles satisfying. perhaps I should collect those?

    I find it interesting that your passion is for watches; that you are collecting time pieces…pieces of time. Perhaps we are doing the same thing in a different way?
    I also think that I start far too many sentences with ‘I’.
    I need to stop doing that.

    Hugs. x

    • Hello Elaine – I didn’t know you followed my blog, darling!

      I do know what you mean about “things”, but watches have come to mean a little more than that to me… they symbolise art and beauty, and also amaze me in their intricacy and artisanship. And, of course, time itself has fundamental meaning in so many ways. That said, all of this has been put into perspective of late, and for all the wrong reasons.

      Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have plenty of broken heart fragments as well, by the way…

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