Its been a while…

The last GMT I had was the beautiful PCG from 1963 that I let go in a very ill-advised trade. Prior to that I’d had a GMTIIC and a 16710 from the late nineties, and I have to say that it’s a watch that I like to have in my collection.

I’ve actually yearned for a nice matt-dialled example since letting the last one go. I didn’t really fancy another 1675 as the lack of a quickset date is a major pain, and that left only the first couple of years of the 16750 to go for. (The newer references – starting with the 16760, or Fat Lady, in 1983 – benefitted from an independently adjustable hour hand, thus giving them true GMT functionality. Up until then, though, and including the 16750, the second time zone could only be utilised through bezel adjustment; whilst the 24-hour hand simply mirrored the time shown by the hour and minute hands. Mind you, even that was better than the McQueen!)

The 16750 is a model that was produced from 1981 to 1988, and it introduced the new cal. 3075 movement with a different order for the hand stack and – importantly – a properly quicksetting date; by which I mean, not a semi-quickset achieved via an hour hand that moved in one-hour increments, but quickset date changing through the crown operation. The matt dials were only fitted for a couple of years, so they’re genuinely quite rare in comparison to the gloss dial with WGS indices. The earlier production runs of the gloss dials also had what’s known as the no-date dial (i.e. the word “Date” wasn’t printed on the dial) but this applied to all the matt dials as well.

Despite looking regularly for the right watch over a period of months, I was finding it pretty hard to find anything in the right condition and at the right price. Then, a couple of days ago, I saw that a TZ member had listed just the thing (dating from 1983, and with gorgeous dial & hands and nice fat lugs) and I was frantically PMing him within seconds of having had sight of the listing. It turns out that the watch was previously owned by someone I know and who’s even more fussy than I am (and I’m quite fussy), so I was pretty sure it would be a good watch! It arrived yesterday, and after being somewhat frustrated looking at the package on my desk for a couple of hours I sneaked off to the loo, unpacked it and popped it on my wrist. (The activity in the cubicles either side of mine was a bit disconcerting, but needs must.)

I’ve gone from 1960’s vintages of both GMT and 5513 to 1980’s versions of both, not really meaning to but subconsciously gravitating towards watches that are slightly more robust and wearable. I have to admit that I’m over the moon with this one – it’s as nice a GMT from this era as I’ve ever seen and a perfect partner for my 5513 of similar age.

Just a couple of photos, showing that lovely dial and faded fat font insert…

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