The “other” JLC’s

I’m pretty happy with my lot at the moment, but nonetheless I have a couple of incomings due this week. I’ll post about the other one when it arrives, but the first is a JLC Master Compressor Chronograph dating from 2006. It’s just had a full spa and service at JLC and is pretty much mint, and this acquisition came after quite a few months of thought.

I first tried on a Master Compressor (a geographic, in fact) a couple of years ago when I met another watch fanatic for a chat and a cuppa, and I was really impressed with the build quality. Bearing in mind that JLC is my favourite brand I always knew I’d end up buying one and whilst I’ve considered a few models since then the Chrono is a the one I’ve gone for. I find some a bit too cluttered – let’s face it, this dial isn’t exactly plain – and having worn the watch all day I’m happy that I did the right thing in biding my time. It wears really nicely at 41.5mm and actually sits under a cuff very easily (it’s not at all deep, which helps). It’s a kind of smart/sporty mix and I think I’ll wear it rather a lot.

Please excuse the naff position of the hands in the photos – I’m VERY tired for a host of reasons and have a stinking cold, so I wasn’t at my sharpest!

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