Strap options for the Ed White

I do like to change straps/bracelets pretty regularly – that goes for most of my watches, too – and so far as the Ed White Speedy is concerned i seem to have quite a few options. The bracelet (the correct vintage reference, too) will be staying in the box, but I still have to make my mind up as to what I’m going to keep on the watch for now. I have three very different looks, potentially, and this morning I seem to be favouring the NATO… mind you, who knows what tomorrow will bring?

2 thoughts on “Strap options for the Ed White

  1. Lovely Ed White you’ve got there. What are the Rally straps and are they 19mm or 20’s squeezed in? They look like 19’s, but the black looks like a Di-Modell Rallye? Really like the honey / caramel one.

    • Thanks very much, Mike.

      The tan is a DB10 (there’s a link in my sidebar to their Tumblr site) and although it’s notionally 20mm it measures very slightly less than that; it’s also incredibly soft so will sit within 19mm lugs with very little trouble. The black rally is actually one of Abel Court’s Corfam copies, and is indeed 19mm.

      You didn’t ask, but the NATO is 20mm and would in truth be better in the correct width. Sadly I’ve not seen one available in 19mm.

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