Racing Dial

I’ve been re-engineering the collection a bit over the last couple of weeks, and this lovely Speedmaster Mk II with a racing dial arrived this morning, having benefitted from a full service and a re-lap over at Watch Works in Bristol. I owned one of these a year or two ago, but that one had a replacement dial and handset; whilst it was photographic heaven I wasn’t happy with the fact that it wasn’t all-original any longer. Conversely, this one is absolutely perfect for me.

It wasn’t cheap but it’s such a nice example. Strangely – or perhaps not so – I got more comments and compliments when wearing the Mk II than with any other watch (I think it was a close thing with the Silverstone, but apart from those two my wristwear has gone largely unnoticed). I missed it a lot so I’m glad to add another, and anticipate wearing it a lot.

A couple of shots…

And now on a Di Modell Rallye with orange stitching…

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