5 days in

Well, it’s five days now since I picked up the Bundeswehr so I thought an update might be in order (it’s been this and my old Speedy, both of which are giving me a lot of enjoyment at the moment). Anyway, I took the bund pad off the strap a day or so ago, and I think I prefer the look and feel of the watch as it is now (removing the pad makes a remarkable difference, in fact). The Valjoux 230 movement seems to be accurate to within a couple of seconds per day and it really is amazingly smooth to wind, springing into life after a half-turn of the crown. As a tool watch, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for; in other words, a solid and reliable workhorse of a watch, and one that I don’t instinctively feel needs to be babied when it’s on my wrist. (This has proved harder to achieve than it should have done, actually, but there you go.)

So, all things considered this one’s something of a success 🙂

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