I get it now!

I’ve had three of four Speedy’s in the past – all very modern, or relatively modern, variants. I think the oldest was from 1991 and whilst it was my favourite of the bunch (it really did have a lovely patina to the dial) it wasn’t enough to make me miss it that much when it went. In fact, every time I’ve discussed the Speedy with anyone I’ve always heard the same thing; something along the lines of “it’s got to be a stepped dial”. I’d seen them in photos and they looked pretty good, but when a friend on TZ-UK listed his – an ST145.022 from 1971 – it made an immediate impression because it also had the most lovely faded insert (actually, it didn’t hurt that it was fresh from a service, either). It really did seem like too good an opportunity to miss, so I pounced and was lucky enough to be the first in line.

Now, I’m not an expert when it comes to the Speedmaster but I think I’m right in saying that this reference followed the transitional model (the 145.021?) which featured an applied logo and a slightly different chrono hand (the bottom wasn’t flat like this one). Aside from that, I believe that both had the calibre 861 movement and in all other respects were pretty much the same. Well, obviously the pre-moon had a different caseback…

Anyway, I’m really blown away by this watch, and think I understand what everyone’s been telling me now. There are Speedy’s, and then there are Speedy’s.

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