The largest project I’m working on at present is also for one of my favourite-ever clients, because the project team is such a pleasure to work with and the culture is generally one in which I feel very comfortable. (As a consultant, trust me when I tell you that this isn’t always the case, so it’s something of a bonus.) Anyway, a while back I was in a meeting one of the senior managers there (who I happen to particularly like), and mid-conversation he noticed the Cartier Basculante poking out from under my shirt and said “That’s a very classy watch – is it reversible”? Now, I was dumbfounded as this is a pretty rare occurrence, but since then my watch rotation has become a bit of a talking point before meetings. In fact, the Silverstone I was wearing on one occasion last week was particularly appreciated.

With this in mind, you’ll probably understand that – as I was choosing what to wear for a couple of meetings there tomorrow – I felt obliged to pick out something that hadn’t been seen (or at least noticed) before. The GO PanomaticVenue seemed appropriate, and as I already know that I’ll be wearing a black suit I also had to take off the brown alligator strap and replace it with the original black alligator and rather nice GO deployant clasp.

Well, you have to make an effort, right?

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