Hmmm… Heuer

Well, having been enjoying the GMT and Montreal for a while now, the final piece of my Heuer jigsaw fell into place when a package arrived all the way from Belgium, courtesy of the one and only Abel Court. (Actually, what I said isn’t strictly true because there are one or two other models that have been tickling my fancy for a while, and anything’s possible. If I were to act like a normal person, though, this would definitely be it.)

Anyway, the Silverstone first appeared in a Heuer catalogue on 1974, was named after the famous racetrack and was effectively the successor to the Monaco. Coming with three dial variants – fume/smoke (a brown starburst finish), red and blue – all housed the same calibre 12 movement, although there was a Lemania 5100 version that was released about ten years after the original. Also common to every variant was the case – a classic 70’s style TV shape and mineral crystal, although the good news is that sapphire replacement crystals are now available if you know where to look. Here’s a catalogue shot, showing it adjacent to the 18kt Carrera that was available at the same time…

This one – a Fume, reference 110.313F – has had a full movement service from Abel and is in pretty much mint condition. It’s on a Corfam-style strap and although I know I’m going to be told to put it on a bracelet I actually have a replica Corfam in light brown being made for me right now. It really does look fantastic and I’m itching to get my hands on the bloody thing, which won’t now be with me for the best part of two weeks.

The other thing worth mentioning is the dial of the Fume, which has a really noticeable starburst pattern but which also reacts to light on a variety of ways. It can look dark brown, light brown and even a greyish shade at any given time, and to me that just adds to an already very beautiful watch. I have to say that I’m really pleased with this one.

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