The “new” Monster

I’ve had 4 or 5 Black Monsters in the past, but there have always been a couple of things that meant I moved them on, even though I really, really wanted to love them. Firstly, the lume on the dial was just a bit too green (and didn’t quite match the lume on the hands); and secondly, I really can’t cope very well with a movement that doesn’t hack or handwind. Well, Seiko must have read my mind, because the new Monster is a whole lot more refined!

Gone is the green lume, replaced by a much more subtle and pale colour that’s an absolute match on both dial and hands. Also upgraded is the movement, which is now the hacking and handwinding 4R36! It also seems to have a slightly better finish to the bezel, although that may just be my imagination.

Purrrrrfect 🙂

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