When I first started collecting watches, I was fairly set in my ways and had a very clear preference for divers. Even then, however, I didn’t “get” the vintage Seikos with their big cases and asymmetrical designs. I thought they were crass and ugly, and something that I’d never want to strap onto my wrist. Oh, how things change…

I must have had about 10 of the things now, and every time I find myself without one I start scanning the net for potential acquisitions until I stumble across one that meets my very particular needs. The reference with the real history and heritage is the 6105, with it’s Vietnam military connection and the fame achieved through some nifty product placement on Captain Willard in Apocalypse Now. I’ve had a couple of beauties, but the one I really love is it’s successor – the 6309. Produced from 1976-1988, there were effectively two series; the first (and my favourite) having large cushion cases whilst the later models were substantially slimmed down. The former (6309-7040/7049, the slightly different references merely indicating the market for which they were produced) had it’s share of famous admirers too..

Anyway, I’m no Mick Jagger, but I’ve still just bagged my third (or fourth?) 6309. This one has replacement crystal and insert, although the originals came with the watch. The dial is perfect, the hands a 100% match in terms of both colour and luminosity and the case near mint after a light polish applied during service. I’ve ordered a couple of Zulu straps to wear it on and for now it’s looking pretty good on plain black. Oh, and I have a Z22 and super-oyster too, but I doubt I’ll use them.

I’m very happy with it. In fact, I’m beginning to think that it really is an addiction.

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