Old watch, new bracelet

I posted a while back about a NOS 6309-7920 that I managed to pick up from the SCWF. When it arrived it was on a rather old/worn GL381 rubber and although I liked the look it was (as usual for Seiko rubber straps) too long. To cut a long story short, I actually bought two bracelets to try on the watch; one of them (a NOS Seiko S-Y035 with Y035E end links – is on route from the States and due any time, but the other is now mounted and looking pretty good.

It’s a Yobokies Hammer with SKX end links, and these fit the 729X series cases perfectly too. It’s actually really comfortable, due in part to the micro adjustment on the clasp, and is an extremely well-made piece of kit, down to the concealed divers extension and button release. All in all, I’m very pleased with it, although I suspect that the correct period Seiko bracelet will end up on the watch pretty much permanently.

4 thoughts on “Old watch, new bracelet

  1. Oh, those Seiko divers are gorgeous. I’ve got, the very common, SKX007, and I love it along with a couple of other Seikos. On their way are two new ones: SBPP001 and a SARB065 Cocktail Time from Seiyajapan.

  2. Always felt the president style bracelet trumps the standard fishbone bracelet that comes with the SKX divers. Excellent photos as always, I’m glad to see Seiko divers getting featured, both new and vintage pieces.

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