GO figure!

A few months ago – quite a few months ago, in fact – I began musing on how my tastes had veered in the direction of complications and away from the more conventional fare of divers and sports watches. In fact, what I really wanted was a moonphase and, after spending a couple of months looking for something vintage (and discovering that all of the good ones were out of reach), I focussed instead on modern; in particular, on JLC and Glashutte Original. Now, at that time I already had three JLCs in my collection (I still have two beauties) so my primary attention was very much on GO. The more I looked at it the PanomaticLunar the more I liked it but I also realised that there were three of four GO models that I wanted, and I therefore needed to widen my search a little.

Yesterday, then, I was having a browse for something suitable (again) when I saw an as-new PanomaticVenue listed on TZ-UK. I’d looked at this one a few times before, because I love the dial layout and always have room for GMT’s in my watch box; its one of the most useful complications for me, and this one is particularly clever, with the main hour hand changeable in one hour increments – either backwards of forwards – with the push of a button. A real travellers GMT, in other words.

Aside from that, though, the PanomaticVenue is yet another example of the exquisite design of GO’s in-house movements. This one is the Cal. 90-04; 47 jewels, 28,800 vph, adjusted in 5 positions, an off-centre three-quarter sized rotor, 42 hour power reserve and GO’s BEAUTIFUL double swan neck regulator to top everything off to perfection. The photos below don’t even begin to do this watch justice, but I hope they hint at the quality of the watch, and to GO’s attention to detail in every aspect of their watchmaking.

I’ll always love vintage watches, and in truth I’ll always love vintage Rolex in particular. However, my move away from purely vintage, and from divers and sports watches generally, was no accident – nor was it just a whim. There’s an amazing degree of diversification out there if you look for it, and within the realms of the modern watch there are some absolute masterpieces of design. Some of them will remain grails for most of us, admired from afar but never really achievable. Others just need a slightly more open approach to collecting, and perhaps a bit of luck with regard to timing and the availablity of funds.

I was certainly lucky with this one!

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