Form meeting function

Yesterday, it seemed as if the cogs and wheels of the horological universe had turned to point fate in my direction, and so off I toddled to what was meant to be a quick pint with a fellow forum member but which turned into a very enjoyable couple of hours in the windswept wilds of Elstree. A trade was completed, and a belated dinner devoured.

So, here’s what I ended up with, then. Possibly the most underrated Rolex ever, and probably the best example of a watch where form and function meet to perfection. In fact, the size of the case, the width of the bracelet and the shape of the lugs deliver what is, I think, the most wearable Rolex that the company has ever produced. It looks the way a watch was always meant to look, and manages to be both discreet and sporty in one fell swoop. This one – almost as a bonus – is akin to NOS it’s in such good condition, despite the fact that it dates back to 1997. This means, of course, that it’s a tritium dial and I think the difference between this and the luminova variant is astonishing; the subtlety of the indices and hands gives it a warmth that a modern watch will always struggle to achieve. Add a complete set of box, papers and assorted bits that it came with, and the pain of parting with the Ingy is far, far easier to bear.

Some photos of my 14270, then.

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