Small is the new big

Having spent some time wearing a rather lovely PAM that was a chunky 44mm without the crown guard, I’ve come to realise that a 6.75″ wrist doesn’t need a large watch. In fact, I can wear anything from 34mm to 40mm and feel completely comfortable, to the extent that my Speedy (at 42mm) feels relatively large.

This lovely little thing arrived this morning just as I was going to go out for a run. It’s an A serial from 1998, which would make it the first year that Luminova was used on the dial (the replacement for tritium was invented in 1993 and patented in 1995; Nemoto & Co was contracted to provide “LumiNova” to the Swiss Watch Industry in 1998 and it was widely used thereafter).

It came with the complete set of everything, and was fully serviced and pressure tested last year so is good to go. I like it a lot, and the blue dial looks pretty (and pretty cool), changing slightly as the light hits it in different ways. It’s a good precursor to a (very old) vintage JLC that I’m hoping to add soon.

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