On straps, and Zeniths

One of the more surprising things (to me, anyway) that I’ve found over the last year or so has been the way that I’ve found myself gravitating away from bracelets and towards straps. Although there’s no doubt that a well-engineered bracelet can be a joy to wear, I think that leather gives a watch far, far more character. In fact, even though some of my experiments have met with a mixed reception I’ve always liked the result (and my 5513 will probably never be paired with it’s bracelet again).

The De Luca that arrived a few days ago is slightly different, in that it (the series 1, at least) was only ever sold on a strap; Coady managed to source a correct De Luca bracelet, but technically it was only ever really correct for the later models. I was finding the look a bit clinical but luckily I had an OEM strap and buckle in the package so I thought I’d give it a try. I absolutely love it, and much prefer it to the previous look. In fact, I’ve bought a couple of Di-Modell Jumbos – one in brown and the other in tan – to see how they look mounted on the watch.

I’ve just taken a few shots, so I’ll shut up now and let them do the talking…

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