A Sea-Dweller muse…

The Sea Dweller is a strange watch for me. Compared to the Submariner it sits a little higher, it’s slightly heavier on the wrist, and it looks a little… I don’t know, less refined in some way. Perhaps it’s the style of the bezel, which seems to shout at you “I’m functional, not just an accessory!” whereas that on the Sub is neater… more of a distraction to play with whilst you while away the hours in those never-ending board meetings.

Anyway, the thing is that – whilst a Sub is probably a more sensible choice for what I need – I don’t think I can bring myself to change one for the other. And when I’m in the pool with the kids, it’s pretty reassuring knowing that I have about 3990 feet of WR more than I’ll ever need! Really it is.

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