Speedy goodness

Recently, I decided to replace the Speedmaster Professional I flipped a few months back. In my mind, I knew exactly what I wanted; an early to mid-90’s late tritium dial, perfect case and complete package. The tritium would need to be dark, though, and everything about it pristine.

I thought that I’d have a pretty long wait because I really am a fussy sod when it comes to my watches, but what I wasn’t expected was to stumble across one almost immediately. Not only that, but a watch with 100% provenance, having been owned by the father of a TZ-UK member for five years from new, and then by the seller himself until now. I bought it hoping that it was precisely the watch I was looking for, and it really is… its perfect. A reference 3590.50 from 1995, with the loveliest dial I’ve seen on a Speedy. In fact, it’s the loveliest Speedy I’ve ever seen.

Enjoy the photos…

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