At last I can reach the murky depths…

The problem with collecting vintage watches is… well, they’re vintage; sometimes, however, one needs a modern watch to wear whilst doing things. (“What things?”, I hear you ask. I’m not sure, actually, but I’ll give it some thought.)

Anyway, I like Sinn watches, because the company is one of the more innovative around. I’ve also owned the SDR version of the UX diver before but couldn’t quite get on with the black bezel. However, the standard UX was worth giving another shot and here it is.

It features Hydro (i.e. oil-filled) technology and as you can see from the photos visibility is pretty much unaffected whatever angle you view the dial from; apparently this is particularly impressive underwater. Because it’s oil-filled its also very, very water resistant; the movement to 5000m, and the case to a whopping 12000m! That’ll be useful!

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