Maybe there is such a thing as a grail!

The “Grail” – a term coined by Chuck Maddox for the Speedmaster 376.0822 some years ago – was the culmination of a line produced in various forms since 1974. It contained Omega’s c.1045 movement in each of it’s guises, and this is in fact the Lemania C.5100 by any other name. Why The Grail? Well, as he put it…

“It’s considered one of the rarest of the c.1045 Speedmasters (only the Mark V comes close to the Grail’s rarity); it’s the first time Omega offered a Moonwatch case styled Speedmaster with an Automatic Movement, day, date in a window aperture (the 345.0809 had a date pointer) and24-hour indication; it also utilizes the 1450 bracelet, which was by far the best bracelet Omega had used with the Speedmaster up until that time and is highly coveted by collectors.

It sports the most easily readable dial of the c.1045 Speedmasters (frankly, the other c.1045’s dial readability isn’t even in the same league as the Grail. I’ve had owners of other c.1045 Speedmasters scoff at this assertion until I pull out my 376.0822 and bit tongues and cheeks rapidly occur). For these reasons it is in very high demand by collectors and avidly sought when offered.”

I’ve been eying up the 376.0822 for a while now, and to get this all-original beauty I had to move a couple of lovely pieces on. I think it was well worth it.

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