The ONLY Breitling…

I find the general love of all things Breitling a bit mystifying, if I’m honest. Whilst I don’t doubt their quality for a moment, I really haven’t seen many that I like and most are simply far too blingy for an old fart/traditionalist like me.

That said, there’s always been one exception, or if not always then for the last few months at least, and that’s the Navitimer. Within the iconic watch hierarchy I believe it holds a place very near the top, and some time ago I decided that I needed to get my hands on a vintage 806 variant that would fill my Breitling void absolutely perfectly.

This is an absolute beauty – a 2nd Generation 806 from 1966/7. Not really the best photos as I broke a light just before shooting them, but with a couple more en-route further and better pictures will follow! Naturally…

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