Tick tock…

There are those who feel that to add a battery to the intricate assembly of springs and cogs of which a watch movement is comprised is to somehow dilute the magic. To lessen the art of the watchmaker. I understand that feeling, but am also able to embrace the hybrid technology of HEQ – the High End Quartz. When it’s wrapped up in the kind of package that Rolex produced as their one and only quartz offering, embracing it becomes rather easy, in fact.

This is the second quartz watch in my collection, the other being an Omega Megaquartz from the mid-seventies. Both somehow manage to span the decades quite easily, seeming both period and contemporary at the same time. Whenever I get a new watch I find myself saying “I love it”… but I love it!

4 thoughts on “Tick tock…

  1. Where could I find one of these for sale on the internet? Appreciate if you could give me some help. Thank you!

    • I’d suggest the various watch forums are your best bet, Allan. I sourced mine from a guy on TZ-UK but there’s also The Rolex Forum and one or two others worth keeping an eye on.

      You’ll find them all with a Google search.

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