A collection goes vintage

A while ago, I was planning on attending a TZ-UK GTG, but found that – at the last minute – I had to cry off due to other commitments. However, for a while leading up to that point I’d been going through something of a painful realisation. There was no doubt that my collection contained some lovely watches; but even acknowledging that to be true, I looked at my watch box and failed to find a single piece that I’d seriously want to show anyone; not a single piece made me proud to own it. I could accept the inherent value sitting there, and I could appreciate the quality of engineering required to produce them; but there was no emotional connection with them at all.

This started me thinking about what I really wanted from (and in) my watch collection. One thing I knew was that I really didn’t like the newer super-cased Rolex models; in fact, I subsequently traded my brand new GMTC for a rather gorgeous 16710, but I knew after a short while that I needed to go a further step if I was going to get any joy from this hobby of ours, So, in a relatively short space of time, out went my Rolex GMT, my Zenith Ultra Thin and my Speedy Pro Moonwatch. In their place came watches from 1977, 1972 and 1981, all of which are icons in their own right.

Essentially, then, I’ve decided that I’ll no longer buy modern. I know that vintage isn’t to everyone’s taste, and I can still appreciate the newer watches that I’ve owned and that I see in photos on here every day. They just don’t seem to… call to me, if you know what I mean. I can, and will, continue to admire them on others wrists – I just don’t particularly want them on mine.

So, after all the angst and no little money lost, here’s my collection as it stands today. I’m also just concluding a deal to bring my 1968 vintage Grand Seiko 61GS back to its rightful home, and to say that I’m pleased would be something of an understatement!

In fact, I’ve NEVER been so happy with my watches.

Rolex 1680 – 1977

Rolex 16014 – 1981

Omega Speedmaster Mk II – 1972

Oh, and a couple for knocking about in 🙂

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