Beater schmeater – Sinn content!

I like the notion of a beater – you know, a watch for when the going gets tough… one that can get a little bit banged up without it mattering much. As I say, I like the notion – the trouble is, I try NEVER to allow anything to mark my watches, no matter how much they cost. (Well, that’s if you ignore the incident with a goal post that resulted in a couple of little scratched on my day-old Explorer II!)

Anyway, I do a lot of travelling across Europe these days, as well as working from my office from home. In either case I don’t necessarily want to wear my expensive watches (especially when travelling, because I seem to spend most of my time removing items of clothing – as well as my watch – at airport security checks). And whilst I have my Seiko Tuna, it really is a bit of a beast and not necessarily appropriate for semi-formal attire, which tends to be my style of dress when on business. With a suit and tie, it would look ridiculous!

To cut a long story short(er), I’ve been eyeing up the Sinn “U” range for quite a while, and have consequently treated myself to a UX SDR as an all-purpose tool watch but one that will also fit under a shirt cuff when it needs to. Sinn make some fantastic watches, and have lots of innovative technology. This one is made from tegimented German submarine steel; is filled with silicon oil; and as well as being readable from any angle is rated at 5000m water resistance That should help when I’m in the bath.

Oh, and it’s very cool. Look…

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