Scratching the itch with some Italian

Well, it’s a while since I bought anything (not really – it just seems like it) and I was lucky enough to snag something that ticked quite a few boxes. Firstly, I’ve wanted to try a Tuna for some time, and this is very Tuna-esque in size and appearance; secondly, I was short of a chrono and missed the white on black subdials of my old Sinn 103 A Sa; thirdly, I fancied a quartz that wouldn’t need setting every time I picked it up; and finally, I wanted something cheap enough that I could pretend it was a beater, even if I never beat it!

The Seiko Italian Chronograph was only made for a year, between 1998 and 1999. The one I picked up was NOS with the complete package – which is quite unusual – and you can read more about it/them here (the author being Derek Bartle, from whom I bought this lovely example). A bit of a collectors piece really, but one that I’ll be wearing. In fact, I’m wearing it right now!

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