I don’t mind admitting that I posted this in similar form on the TZ forum too, but it deserves a place on here if only as a marker in my hobby/journey/obsession…

There have been a couple of SOTC posts of late that I found really enjoyable to read and – because I came to an interesting conclusion this morning – I was prompted to do something similar myself. The conclusion I came to, having not really bought anything of significance for some weeks – was that I’m really happy and settled with my collection. Without thinking too much about it, I seem to have covered all the bases, and every watch has it’s own specific part to play in the whole. So here they are, then, 5 months down the TZ road…

Rolex Submariner 16610 LV

The watch that started me on this perilous journey was the one and only Submariner. I’d always considered it an icon in the true sense of the word, and the only reason my original Sub was allowed to go was in order to fund the LV that is now my absolute keeper. Currently on the green bezel insert but I may just switch it for the black one that’s sitting in the box soon; and what I consider to be the perfect marriage of traditional size case with maxi dial. A truly wonderful watch.

Seiko Marine Master SBDX001

The first time I had an SBDX001 in my grasp, I got myself in a right old state about the bracelet clasp, and because it never quite felt perfect I mistakenly let it go. The moment I posted it off, though, I knew I was going to buy another and the replacement came all the way from Jakarta, BNIB and courtesy of Kucimo. This time I planned for it’s arrival, and a quick switch of clasps (I have no need whatsoever for a ratcheted divers extension, frankly) soon proved to be the answer. And for those who’ve never owned one, there’s a reason that those of us that sell them almost always buy them again. And again…

Omega Aqua Terra 2503.33.00

I’d never particularly been into Omega, but that changed when I saw a Broadarrow, with blue hands and markers, for the first time. It was bloody gorgeous, and I immediately set my heart on something similar, nearly crying when I missed this fairly scarce and discontinued Aqua Terra first time around! I got it in the end, though, and I regard it as the perfect dress watch in today’s less than dressy age.

Grand Seiko 61GS 6146-8000

My next Seiko was bought on pure, unstoppable impulse. Dating back to 1968, it’s one of the earlier-production Grand Seikos… the GS newbies have illustrious forefathers that have only recently been properly recognised as classics (at least by most of us). This one has had the lightest of polishes and looks as if it were bought yesterday, but its simple, understated design (or should I say its “grammar”) is completely timeless. I really do love it, and having worn it with anything from a suit to a pair of disgustingly old jeans I can vouch for it’s total adaptability.

Casio 110QS-37B

Another impulse buy, but when you get an opportunity to acquire an iconic watch from the year 1980, in unworn and pristine condition, and for not very much money… well, it would be rude not to. I haven’t had it sized as yet as I’m not sure that I’m going to wear it, but I love the fact that it’s such a reminder of another period in my life, and whether I wear it or not doesn’t really matter. I probably will, though, and if I do I’ll match it up with an appropriate pair of flared Lee jeans and a nice purple tank top.

Casio G-Shock DW-5000SL-1ER

Finally, the beater. Well, it’s not really as – try as I might – I don’t seem to “do” beaters. I look after all my watches in the same way, but if I were to own a beater it would most likely look just like this one. As it is, it’s another retro digital (and another Casio) modelled on the classics from the eighties but given the bullet-proof G build quality. Strangely, I wear it a lot, even though it’s the least glamorous of my collection. There’s something reassuring about it, and it’s seen some fine matches at The Lane already this season.

That’s it then! Five months-worth of evolution in my small collection, and I’m happy. Well, I’m happy for now…

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