Grand Seiko 61GS

I didn’t envisage ever owning a Grand Seiko even weeks ago. However, I found myself on a quest to add something vintage to my collection; I was developing an increasing admiration for Seiko generally, but particularly their high-end watches; and having owned a number of tool/dive watches of fairly substantial size, my Aqua Terra was leading me down the more traditional, dressy route.

This beautiful watch houses the automatic 6146 25-jewelled movement. It’s regarded as one of the best high-beat movements that Seiko have ever produced, beating at 36,000 bph; only 36,000 pieces of this model were ever produced (production started in December 1967); and a modification of the movement later became the 6185A, which was used in the Grand Seiko VFA (very fine adjusted).

Aside from all of the above, though, it’s 43 years old and… well, gorgeous.

2 thoughts on “Grand Seiko 61GS

  1. How much do you think it’s worth? I’ve got one I’d like to sell but have no idea what price to seek. Thanks for any help.

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