It started with the Submariner

Well, in truth it didn’t – I’d owned a couple of Rolex watches before, but they were Datejusts. But in my own mind, I’d always seen the Submariner is the quintessential watch, the icon of icons. It was only a matter of time, if you’ll excuse the pun.

In may of this year I bought my first Submariner from Austin Kaye, a mint 16610 dating back to October 2009. Little did I know what I was letting myself in for, or that a few months later I’d be so smitten by the maxi dial and green bezel of the 16610 LV that I’d have sold one and bought the other.

Anyway, here they are… for me, as I said, one of the most iconic watches of all time and something that I’ll always have in my collection now. First, the beautiful LV…

And second, the Sub that really started me off on this quest for the perfect collection of watches… (sorry about the poor quality of the photos – they were pretty much the first I ever took!)

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