New Year in Paris

Some shots from a lovely trip in Paris – we went early on New Year’s Eve and came back on Sunday night.

I do love this city, and next time we go back a French guy I was chatting to is going to take us down to the unofficial catacombs!

Anyway, many of these were taken on my iPhone as we were so layered up with clothing, scarves and gloves that carrying a camera about was somewhat irritating.

New lighting set-up

I’ve been tinkering a bit of late, so I thought I’d post a few shots taken with what may prove to be my default set-up. This consists of:

  • 1 x Speedlite 580EXII, used on camera (but bounced) and the trigger for
  • 2 x Bowens Esprit 500 studio heads

The flash was set to manual and used on 1/4 power, with the flash heads on 1/2 and full power respectively. The camera was also on manual, set to f/22, 1/200sec and ISO 200; I didn’t meter it but a couple of test shots left me happy. This is what it looked like…

And these are the shots taken today, with just a little sharpening and vignetting in Photoshop…

Feel free to post your thoughts, if any.

This took me back

A while ago I was asked to take some shots for a jewellery website that’s under construction. The jewellery is bespoke and beautiful, and the designer actually made Bea’s engagement ring as well as our wedding bands.

Anyway, it had been a while since I’d shot any serious photos (although I’d never done anything like this before), and matters were complicated by the fact that when the lights that had been hired for me were unusable; I therefore had to shoot everything with natural light only, balanced on some precariously broken steps outside the French windows. Still, I was quite pleased with how they came out, bearing in mind I had to put up with shallow depths of field and shutter speeds that were in reality a little too slow!